Welcome to Lead Chaser

Social Media Marketing with lead management. Connect with new customers. Lead follow up 24/7. Never let a new client slip through your net again!

We are an exciting small business lead generation service that not only finds new customers for your business but also chases these leads 24/7.

We will make that first phone call and create a customer profile while booking your services. You will know your customer before they meet you.

What we do-

  • Call and nurture your leads at varying times of the day and evening.
  • Build a lead profile so you can connect with new business and track where people have gone and why!
  • Find new leads through Facebook.
  • Manage your social media keeping it fun and interactive!
  • Follow up with every customer using your service.
  • Testimonials and online reviews

You will feel like you have a business manager connecting you to good quality customers. Your marketing and lead management will be active when it's most effective. Do your team follow up with every lead... every time?

Pick and choose what Lead Chaser does, no long contracts, use us when needed.

Never have a new lead leak from your small business again. Have social media experts manage your online profile. Lets grow!