Personal Trainers who need to find clients need Lead Chaser

When your job is physical and involves your focus to always be on your clients then when do you make time to find new ones?

Slowly existing clients can move out the city or injuries can put a stop on your schedule then suddenly you need to pay bills.

Lead Chaser is a service you can tap into as and when you need it.

Lead generation with powerful Facebook advertising and a group of highly experienced individuals getting these new clients booked into your diary.

It sounds too good to be true or expensive?

Think again, Lead Chaser understands that it needs to be worth it for you, and using Facebook is the most cost effective advertisment.

lead generation personal trainers


  1. We will create a website or facebook page that makes you human and welcoming.
  2. Find your offer - free meal plan or 'meet up' to find out what clients want.
  3. Facebook Advertise - this reaches patients on a personal level and with a good advert you will make a genuine connection.
  4. Be prepared to speak to new customers and let them know you are excited to meet them. Make sure the impression you are leaving is a good one.
  5. If using our follow up service, just sit back and wait for your diary to fill up. We will book in your new patients for you.