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How to get more new patients in Dentistry...

Are you a dentist who needs more patients? More new patients who want Invisalign, Teeth Whitening and Implants?

There are plenty of people that need a dentist and probably live less than a mile from your practice, but they aren't coming to you. How do we find new patients?

Dentistry is an expensive business - to run. Payments every month for insurance, CQC, RPO the list is endless and to pay for this you need to make sure that any contact with a new patient results in them returning to you again and again.

So two parts to success -

Part One-

You need to advertise and create a presence online and locally to gain momentum for new patients to come forward. They genuinely want to find you. Don't look at what others are doing, use some creativity and try new things. If this isn't your forte look to a Lead Chaser.

Part Two-

You need to have your practice, your team, your own personal manner at the best it can be. This doesn't have to mean you and your team are all sales robots churned out by an Ashley Latter course. It does mean you have to connect personally with new patients and open up to them and have 2 way conversations. After all consumers are very savvy with access to endless information. I have found that people are looking for authenticity and someone that is genuine.


Lead generation

Lead Chaser develops leads for dentists because it the most effective way to reach new patients.

They like your advert and put their contact details in. Then wow within 15 minutes a Lead Chaser who is a surrgoate team member will call the lead and connect with them.

-Yes, we connect, chat and champion you as a dentist and practice. Any information about your new patient will be emailed straight to you.

The most effective contact is within 15 minutes of a person seeing an advert - can you or your team make this deadline with your current workload?


  1. We will create a website or facebook page that makes you human and welcoming.
  2. Find your offer - teeth whitening or other improvement to  bring new patients to you on a positive note.
  3. Facebook Advertise - this reaches patients on a personal level and with a good advert you will make a genuine connection.
  4. Be prepared to speak to new customers and let them know you are excited to meet them. Make sure the impression you are leaving is a great one.
  5. If using our follow up service, just sit back and wait for your diary to fill up. We will book in your new patients for you


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